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SEO Secret Method – Being ahead of the competition for several years

Business Accelerator launch

Have you ever heard that there are no shortcuts for entrepreneurs? That only hard work will eventually pay off? Well I got the experience that this is not always the fact. What definitely does pay off is building a new house on a solid foundation. That is transferable to online business because you should also build your website on a proper foundation. That is what most entrepreneurs do not have in mind when they search for their business names and domains.

You can save valuable time and marketing budget if you use backlink structures of expired domains which will boost your SEO rapidly. Do not be scared because only a few entrepreneurs know this secret method. I can lay a foundation with and for you in order to make your SEO success even possible.

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Business Accelerator Launch fits to you if…

✅ you are going to start a new business on the foundation of a solid traffic ressource
✅ you strive to outperform big companies within SEO
✅ you want to save money and time 
✅ you do not want to wait for your SEO results anymore 
✅ paid advertising is to risky 
✅ you already worked on some SEO onpage texts but without success  

Book your 15min call right now for free in order to get a first evaluation whether the Business Accelerator Launch fits to your business case.

Why SEO Business Accelerator Launch? Why me?

Valuable asset.

You receive a domain with which you will be able to rank No.1 on Google .

Secret know how.

You get in touch with a secret weapon within the SEO scenery. This knowledge is of usage for future project without my help.

Overtake competitors.

You get a professional 2 month support and I will explain which keywords & SEO strategies wil outperform your competitors.

Individual fit.

You have had enough of theoretical SEO courses? With the Business Accelerator Launch you can launch a real project fitting to your needs.


BOOK FOR FREE (need only 1 min)

Additional information regarding SEO Business Accelerator Launch

In search engine optimisation people distinguish between two different areas. There is basically the onpage & offpage optimisation. Both approaches should be valued equally because if you skip enhancement in one approach, the other one will not be able to enhance your performance significantly.

As time goes on, several internet businesses have been deregistered. Those domains become expired and are available again for other people. Often they have perfect names in order to use them for a new brand launch. The biggest advantage of those domains is that they already contain a proper backlink structure within a niche. If this offpage value does fit to your new project idea you found a well fitting domain which gives you the SEO boost you demanded.

Don´t be scared. Most entrepreneurs do not understand what I am talking about. However, if you really plan to start a new project, contact me first to get the necessary information regarding the 2 months Business Accelerator Launch.

I will help you finding a perfect fitting domain with which you can save thousands of dollars for offpage optimisation. In most cases people loose 2 years of operative SEO work if they do not use the Business Accelerator Lauch secret methods.

SearchEngineCaffe – Marc Metzner

You wonder who is talking to you on SearchEngineCaffe? – Hey – it´s me Marc Metzner.

Marc Metzner

It would be a pleasure to let you benefit from my marketing & e-commerce experiences because I know how frustrating the entrepreneur life can be sometimes. Building a new business goes by with lots of motivation and positive emotions. However, if your strategies do not bring in the forecasted success, business can become a dramatic scenario. If you cannot find the right way within a business subarea, sometimes it is best to go for a consultant. In this case I can provide SEM & E-Commerce skills for you.

✅ finalised Business Management studies
✅ working since 2014 in the field of e-commerce & marketing
✅ owner of online shops and Amazon FBA project with 7 figure revenues
✅ analysed countless websites and boosted traffic through SEO by 1000%
BOOK FOR FREE (need only 1 min)