Wednesday, May 18

Inside Search: New Official Google Search Quality Blog

Today, Amit Singhal, head of search quality announced the creation of a new Inside Search blog. It is an extension of the, This Week in Search column that highlights new features and product announcements. As Amit writes,
...we got feedback that people wanted their search news and information as it happens, not just weekly. So, we’re starting Inside Search as a place where you can find regular updates on the intricacies of search and our team. We have more engineers working on search than any other product, and each one of us has stories to tell.
I look forward to hearing from a wide variety of voices on the team. With more than 500 improvements last year, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes, it's sometimes useful to have them pointed out more explicitly.

Perhaps it will also lead to a bit more transparency in search ranking and quality at Google. At least there is an official place for voices to speak publicly.