Monday, March 28

WWW 2011 this week

The WWW 2011 conference is happening this week in Hyderabad India. I'm not attending, so drop me a message or an email with notes or highlights.

Be sure to check out the full program.

Today is Tutorial and Workshop day,

Relevant Tutorials

Distributed Web Retrieval by Ricardo Baeza Yates from Yahoo! Research Barcelona.

Selected Workshops

USEWOD2011 - 1st International Workshop on Usage Analysis and the Web of Data
This workshop will investigate the synergy between semantics and semantic-web technology on the one hand and analysis and mining of usage data on the other hand.

It is encouraging to see a discussion beyond blatant spam to more subtle issues of authority, credibility, and reputation.

Temporal Web Analytics Workshop
TWAW focuses on temporal data analysis along the time dimension for Web data that has been collected over extended time periods.

Stay tuned for more news WWW later this week!

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