Friday, April 2

ECIR 2010 Best Paper Award and other coverage

It's been a busy week, so I'm behind on catching up with ECIR 2010. However, I wanted to share the best paper award winners:

Promoting Ranking Diversity for Biomedical Information Retrieval Using Wikipedia (joint award)
Jimmy Huang (York University, Canada)
Xiaoshi Yin (York University, Canada)

I'm not exactly sure who the other join winner is, but inferring from the incomplete tweets, one candidate is:

Evaluation of an adaptive search suggestion system
Sascha Kriewel (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Norbert Fuhr (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

Best Poster Award:
Filtering document with subspaces
Benjamin Piwowarski (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Ingo Frommholz (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Yashar Moshfeghi (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Mounia Lalmas (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Keith van Rijsbergen (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)

See also the Industry Day Coverage by Tyler Tate.

Tuesday, March 30

HCIR 2010 Announcement

Daniel Tunkelang highlighted in a recent blog post the CFP for the upcoming HCIR 2010 workshop.

It looks it's shaping up to be a very good workshop. In particular, the keynote is by Dan Russell from Google, who is one of my favorite speakers.

One quite interesting component is the data challenge:
Challenge participants will have no-cost access to a large collection of almost two million newspaper articles with rich metadata generously provided for use in this challenge by The New York Times (NY Times Annotated Corpus). The focus of participation is building systems (or using existing ones) to help people search the collection interactively.

Monday, March 29

ECIR 2010 in Milton Keynes this week

This week the ECIR 2010 conference is being held in balmy Milton Keynes, England, at the Open University. I'm not attending, but I'll try to highlight what I find. You should follow the tweet stream, #ecir2010 for the latest news. Yesterday was workshop and tutorial day. Here are few selections that interested me:

A team from MSR offered a tutorial on Machine Learning for IR. The slides are available from their website.

Tony Rose and Mark Burrell from Endeca offered a tutorial on Designing Search Experiences. Tony is also helping to organize the industry day, and has a blog with details. I'd love to see coverage or notes from this even anyone will make them available.

Omar Alonso offered a tutorial on crowdsourcing.

The workshop on Contextual Information Access, Seeking and Retrieval Evaluation was held. The proceedings are available. You can see the 2009 proceedings.

Continuing SIGIR Uproar

In a follow-up to the initial post last week about the new online journal Not Relevant, Ian Soboroff has posted more information about its future. Here is a summary of its purpose:
The goal is to publish solid advances in the state of the art, game-changing work, research that pushes the boundaries of IR. We are not looking for incremental improvements.
William Webber wrote a great post about the rapidly rising field of complaining about aspects of SIGIR. Highly entertaining and worth reading.

Jeremy Pickens posted the reviews of his rejected paper and a discussion of them.

If you want to join the discussion, Ian started a Google Group, SIGIR Meta.