Friday, December 10

Seeking Summer Internship Opportunities

I am beginning to explore internship opportunities for the summer of 2011.

I am an applied researcher whose interests are search in specialized domains and building search tools to solve complex information needs. My experience includes search in the engineering domain, medical search, local business objects, food and recipes, and information extraction on book data. My work often involves processing of large datasets using distributed processing frameworks such as Hadoop and PIG.

I am looking for opportunities that fit with my background and preferably include research that could lead to a publishable paper in a major conference.

If you know of any opportunities that would be appropriate, please contact me via email. My CV is available from my website (Word, PDF).

Several of my fellow PhD students here in the CIIR are also seeking internships, so I would be happy to pass along any appropriate opportunities.


  1. Jeff, CIIR alum Ron Bekkerman is running the internship program for Data Analytics at LinkedIn. Our work often involves processing of large datasets using distributed processing frameworks such as Hadoop and PIG, and we're certainly build tools to solve complex information needs.

    So please connect with Ron (rbekkerman AT linkedin DOT com) and pass the word on to your colleagues at CIIR!

  2. Jeff, I work in the advertising industry, with a group of data scientists. We have quite a few things you may be interested in: massive datasets, Hadoop[-like] infra-structure, data mining and machine learning etc. and yes, we are interested in hosting interns!

    If you read a little about RTB and algorithmic bidding on, you should have an idea of what we do. Feel free to contact me if you/your friends are interested: myfirstname dot lastname at accuenmedia dot com.

  3. Hi Jeff, I'm running a start-up in Boston focused on merging search/analytics of structured and unstructured data. I am hiring for part-time/contract expertise and potential internships this summer. I'd love to visit with you and your colleagues that might be interested. My email is Chris AT crosby DOT fm


  4. Here's a link for anyone interested in learning more about internship opportunities with our team at LinkedIn: