Tuesday, August 10

Quick Links of the Day: Blekko, Silicon Valley History, and I hate your paper, and P!=NP

  • Blekko - Daniel has a Blekko preview from the beta. See also Michael Arrington's post on SE Land. From Daniel's post:
    Rather, they are a way for users to “spin” their search results using a variety of filters. For example, [climate /liberal] and [climate /conservative] return very different results, because they are restricted to different sets of sites... In addition to providing a set of curated slashtags, Blekko allows users to define their own slashtags by specifying the sets of sites to be included.
    This is a very primitive means of creating mini vertical search engines. My first instinct is that slashtags remind me of Rollyo where you can "roll your own" by restricting search to a group of websites.

  • I Hate Your Paper - an article by New Scientist that looks look at how the reviewing process is broken and some ways that journals are exploring possible reforms. (thank Hany)

  • A historical perspective on the evolution of Silicon Valley by Russell Jurney

  • An in case you've been living under a rock, the P != NP proof attempt by HP labs, see #pnp.

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