Thursday, July 22

SIGIR 2010 Industry Day: Being Social: Context-aware and Personalized Info. Access

Being Social: Research in Context-aware and Personalized Information Access @ Telefonica
Xavier Amatriain, Karen Church and Josep M. Pujol, Telefónica

Context overload
- the device of the future for information seeking is no longer the desktop
- it is mobile: iPad, mobile phone.
- Mobile phones are "personal"
- Mobile users tend to seek "fresh" content

Where is the nearest florist?
-- this is pretty easy
-- where is that raelly cool cocktail bar I went to last month? (harder)
-- What bout discovery?
-- Interesting things close to me? Events?

Can we improve the search and disvery expdeirence of mobile users using social information?

Social Search Browser - SSB
- Karen Church
- iPhone web application + Facebook app
- displacies queries/questions by other users in that location
- users can post and interact with queries from others

SSB was a tool for helping and sharing....
A tool for supporting curiousity... an extension to my social Network


Crowds are not always wise. Predictions based on large datasets that are sparse and noisy.

User feedback is noisy
- you can trust if something is excellent, but not necessary the other way around.

"Trust Us - We're Experts
- "It is really only experts who can reliably account for the decisions"
- The Wisdom of the Few - SIGIR '09

Expert-based CF
An expert = individual that we can trust to have produced thtoughful, consistent, and reliable evaluations (ratings) of items in a given domain.

Working prototypes
- Music recommendations, mobile geo-located recommendations...

- Sometimes the experts are better than your direct social network.

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