Thursday, July 29

Quick Links of the Day: KDD Cup, Task Oriented Search, ScalaNLP, SIGIR

Any of these stories could be a full blog post. But, for now I'll just have to give you a few quick pointers:

SIGIR 2010 Industry day videos - complete videos of all the talks, via Noisy Channel.

ScalaNLP - A new NLP package in Scala from the Berkeley and Stanford NLP teams. Scala is hip new language for NLP that runs inside the JVM. See also the factorie project from UMass's IESL lab.

KDD Cup Challenge Results - This year's competition asked participants to predict student performance on mathematical problems from logs of student interaction with Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

TabCandy - from Matthew Hurst. Create groups of tabs for task-oriented search. Create a "save for later" group of tabs. Share "groups of tabs" across platforms and with your friends - "group browsing".

How Google Builds APIs from Google I/O

Research vs. Reality - Discuss.

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