Monday, July 19

Headed to SIGIR 2010

I'm leaving for Geneva today to attend SIGIR. I look forward to seeing you there! I will be live-blogging the keynote talks (subject to WiFi availability) and providing other coverage. I will also be tweeting.

Today is tutorial day. The main talks start tomorrow. To get started, here are the best paper nominees from the website.
  • A comparison of general vs personalized affective models for the prediction of topical relevance, I. Arapakis, K. Athanasakos, J. Jose

  • Assessing the Scenic Route: Measuring the Value of Search Trails in Web Logs, R. White, J. Huang

  • Caching Search Engine Results over Incremental Indices, F. Junqueira, R. Blanco, E. Bortnikov, R. Lempel, L. Telloli, H. Zaragoza

  • Comparing the Sensitivity of Information Retrieval Metrics, F. Radlinski, N. Craswell

  • Extending Average Precision to Graded Relevance Judgments, S. Robertson, E. Kanoulas, E. Yilmaz

  • Information Based Model for ad hoc information retrieval, S. Clinchant, E. Gaussier

  • Multi-style language model for web scale information retrieval, K. Wang, J. Gao, X. Li

  • Properties of Optimally Weighted Data Fusion in CBMIR, P. Wilkins, A. Smeaton

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