Tuesday, July 20

Amit Singhal on the Evolution of Search: Searching without Searches

Engadget has an article covering a presentation (no details provided) given by Amit Singhal on the evolution of search. Most of the interview outlines the evolution of search towards multimedia, real-time search, etc... Most of it has been well covered in the past. One interesting note is that Amit outlines his vision for one possible future direction of search.
Your phone knows about your shopping needs because they're in your to-do list and it knows about your meetings because they're in your schedule. All it needs is your location (which, of course, it has) and some local area information, and it'll ping out a message advising you that you can just pop down the road, buy that wooden stick, and be back in time for your 2PM with Marty from the Synergy Department.
The search engine detected an implicit information need from your to do list that it could satisfy efficiently. It's still a distant dream.

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