Monday, April 26

WWW 2010 this week: Semsearch and other events

WWW 2010 is happening this week in NC. You can follow it on twitter, #www2010. I'm not attending, but some of my labmates are there. I'll also try to keep up with information I find online, so help me out by posting your information.

Update: I recommend reading the coverage from Krisztian Balog and Christian Grant who both attended the workshop.

Today, the SemSearch 2010 workshop is being held. You can follow it on twitter, #semsearch2010.

Barney Pell gave the keynote talk, Why users need semantic search. I hope to have more details on that soon. From his abstract,
Our research reveals three key problems of search: imprecise results, need for query refinement, and need to support complex tasks and decisions.
Sam and I submitted runs to the Entity Search Track. Our runs were simple language modeling runs with Indri. We didn't write a system paper, but we wrote a quick abstract. Our best run placed second. Our submissions did surprisingly well considering the lack of training data and simple retrieval techniques.

The best paper award at Semsearch went to Using BM25 for Semantic Search. During the entity track discussion, one the key questions discussed was, "is Semantic search just a special type of document search or not..."

There are several other search events at WWW today, tutorials on:
  • Web Search/Browse Log Mining: Challenges, Methods, and Applications
  • Applications of Open Search tools
More to come as it develops. E-mail me or post in the comments if you have other coverage / writeups that I can point to.

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