Tuesday, March 23

Terrier 3.0 released

While I'm catching up, I wanted to highlight the recent release of Terrier 3.0 from the IR group at the University of Glasgow. You should read their blog post on the topic. You can also read its documentation. From Craig's announcement:
- support for indexing WARC collections (such as ClueWeb09);
- improved MapReduce mode indexing
- improved and more scalable index structures
- added field-based and proximity term dependence models, such as BM25F, PL2F and Markov Random Fields
- new Web-based retrieval interface
My belated congratulations to Iadh, Craig, and the rest of the team on the release.

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  1. Thanks Jeff! We're really quite pleased with this release. Lots of exciting new features and ways to make the system scalable and extensible.