Thursday, March 25

Rejected SIGIR 2010 Paper? Consider Not Relevant

Yesterday the SIGIR paper notifications went out. I didn't submit a paper, but I know many other people who did. The results were mixed. I believe some quality papers were rejected.

Did your paper get rejected unfairly? Poor reviewing? You should check out: Not Relevant, a new online journal for unfairly rejected SIGIR papers.

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM EDT

    I submitted my paper there. You wouldn't believe the review I got.


  2. Anonymous12:25 PM EDT

    Like any other conf., getting a paper accepted should obey the mixture of quality*PC_relations*SPC_relations*num_Yahoo_authors_on_your_paper*(Boolean(student paper, though, my really well-known advisor gave me permission to submit the paper).

  3. Anonymous5:56 PM EDT

    when biding paper, we noticed around 380 full paper was available. However, when the notifications were sent out, we found there are around 520 full papers.
    There are so many unfair things in SIGIR 2010.

  4. Anonymous7:02 PM EDT

    Actually there were only 357 full papers available during the bidding paper period. About one week later this number went up to 365. It is quite strange that there were 520 full paper submissions at the end. Where did these 160 papers come from after the paper submission deadline?? Were these 160 papers not allowed for paper review bidding? Maybe some SIGIR papers could be accepted without review.