Tuesday, March 23

Mahout 0.3 release

There has been a steady stream of releases. Another release last week was Mahout 0.3. Mahout is a library for machine learning algorithms on Hadoop.

The new release has a variety of improvements and new features, which you can read in the release notes. Here are the highlights from the announcement:
  • New: math and collections modules based on the high performance Colt library
  • Faster Frequent Pattern Growth(FPGrowth) using FP-bonsai pruning
  • Parallel Dirichlet process clustering (model-based clustering algorithm)
  • Parallel co-occurrence based recommender
  • Parallel text document to vector conversion using LLR based ngram generation
  • Parallel Lanczos SVD(Singular Value Decomposition) solver
  • Shell scripts for easier running of algorithms, utilities and examples

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