Monday, March 29

ECIR 2010 in Milton Keynes this week

This week the ECIR 2010 conference is being held in balmy Milton Keynes, England, at the Open University. I'm not attending, but I'll try to highlight what I find. You should follow the tweet stream, #ecir2010 for the latest news. Yesterday was workshop and tutorial day. Here are few selections that interested me:

A team from MSR offered a tutorial on Machine Learning for IR. The slides are available from their website.

Tony Rose and Mark Burrell from Endeca offered a tutorial on Designing Search Experiences. Tony is also helping to organize the industry day, and has a blog with details. I'd love to see coverage or notes from this even anyone will make them available.

Omar Alonso offered a tutorial on crowdsourcing.

The workshop on Contextual Information Access, Seeking and Retrieval Evaluation was held. The proceedings are available. You can see the 2009 proceedings.


  1. Sérgio Nunes11:23 AM EDT

    The CIRSE 2010 proceedings can be found here

  2. "balmy"? We are in the middle of nowhere. The Hilton Hotel and the University campus. To go a pub you can get a taxi!

  3. ... which is good: ECIR or nothing else to do :)

  4. Omar - A little British humour in honour of the conference. :)

  5. Plenty of wine at the poster/demo reception :)