Monday, March 29

Continuing SIGIR Uproar

In a follow-up to the initial post last week about the new online journal Not Relevant, Ian Soboroff has posted more information about its future. Here is a summary of its purpose:
The goal is to publish solid advances in the state of the art, game-changing work, research that pushes the boundaries of IR. We are not looking for incremental improvements.
William Webber wrote a great post about the rapidly rising field of complaining about aspects of SIGIR. Highly entertaining and worth reading.

Jeremy Pickens posted the reviews of his rejected paper and a discussion of them.

If you want to join the discussion, Ian started a Google Group, SIGIR Meta.


  1. There is some GREAT discussion in the Google group. Thanks for the link.

  2. There are some discussions here at ECIR but no action items as far as I can tell. So what's the point regarding discussions then.