Thursday, October 1

Yahoo! Hadoop Distribution Update in Time for Hadoop World

To coincide with Cloudera's Hadoop World, today Y! announced an updated release of the distribution that runs their clusters. The new version is based on Hadoop 0.20.1.

Watch #HadoopWorld on Twitter for more updates on HadoopWorld tomorrow..

Wednesday, September 30

Cloudera CDH2 New Testing Release

Cloudera today announced a new version of the Cloudera CDH2 testing release.

The new version is based on Hadoop 0.20.1 and has compatible versions of PIG, Hive, and HBase 0.20. This is a big deal because these were previously unavailable to early adopters.

They announced it just in time for Hadoop World in NYC, which starts tomorrow. I won't be attending due to classes and other scheduling conflicts, but please go and let me know what's going on.