Wednesday, August 19

Technology Review Search Innovators Under 35

I'm back from vacation and catching up on news and work.

While I was away the he MIT Tech Review magazine released its TR35 2009: Young Innovators Under 35. Making the list were several people working on search:

Jaime Teevan won the award for her work on personalized search. We recently saw a lot of her work highlighted when her collaborator Susan Dumais gave the Salton Award keynote at SIGIR (I recently organized and updated the notes).

Vik Singh won the award for his work on the Yahoo! BOSS API. He "opened up search secrets to spur innovation". Despite the TR hyperbole, BOSS has become a solid example of open search APIs.

Unrelated to search, Kevin Fu, a professor here at UMAss won the Innovator of the Year award. Congratulations to Kevin (and Ben and his other students!).

My congratulations to the winners!