Thursday, June 4

Google Squared is live

Google formally announced Google Squared. It's live for you to play with, see [search engines].

The concept is a fun mashup of search with a spreadsheet.

The results are hit and miss. I'm stoked about combining search with extracting structured data from the web. One cool feature is the ability to add attributes and let Google auto-fill the results. The auto-fill is quite spotty. However, I like the ability to iterate, removing poor values. I wish there were more transparency to understand how it is extracting the data to provide active feedback for improvement. Right now, it sometimes improves when you manually enter or correct values.

Wednesday, June 3

Tuesday, June 2

Publication Search Tool Thoughts

Google Scholar is a great resource when I'm doing a literature search. However, sometimes I find it frustrating to use. I want facets with year, author, number of citations (or similar), conference, and organization for starters.

Microsoft Libra has some facets but doesn't carry it all the way through. For example, it's not available when you are browsing citing papers. It's coverage also seems to be missing papers/citations. CiteSeerX isn't any better.

And our venerable CIIR Publication search would also benefit from some sprucing up.

Honestly, most often I use regular Google Web Search which has the best overall coverage even if I'm limited to using keyword search.

What do you use to find papers? What do you like and dislike? I want to hear what other people use.

Monday, June 1

Headed to Hadoop Summit next week

I finalized the bookings and I'm headed to the Hadoop Summit. While I'm there I'll also be attending ScaleCamp and a Yahoo!/Cloudera training day on Hadoop. It's not too late to register if you still want to attend!

I'm very excited, it should be a an fun and informative series of events. If you want to meet up or have something you want to me to ask the experts drop me a line.

Bing is the new Live Search

Bing launched early.

After a few experiments, I think the result quality is pretty good, better than it used to be. I still think Google has an edge on summary generation (snippets) and coverage (the estimated result counts in Bing are usually less than half the number of those in Google, which shows for rarer information).