Wednesday, May 20

Recovering from burn out

I haven't been blogging and I miss it. This semester I took particularly time-consuming and challenging classes. I had little (almost non-existent) time to do research, let alone find the time and energy to blog. To be honest, I didn't even have time to stay up on news or conferences. It was a non-stop grind to the end.

Thankfully the semester is now over. To celebrate, a big group of us went to see Star Trek last night, which we had been postponing until after finals. It was an awesome movie, very entertaining. I highly encourage you to go see it (or see it again).

My mind and body are starting to recover from finals week, except for a nagging sore throat. Hopefully, I'll be fully recovered after a long weekend.

This summer I'm staying in Amherst to enjoy the beautiful area as well as get some research done. SIGIR is in Boston, so I'll avoid traveling far. Most of the lab is buggering off this week to internships at Yahoo! and Microsoft Research on the west coast so it should be pretty quiet.

More posts soon ...