Tuesday, May 12

Searchology Day Changes: New options and Rich Snippets

Today was the Searchology event at Google. There is tons of coverage around the web. Danny Sullivan at SELand and Matt Cutt's have interesting coverage. Here a few highlights, according to Marissa the challenges in (web) search are:

What are big challenges in search?
  • Finding recent information
  • Expressing that you want just one type of result
  • Assessing which results are best
  • Knowing what you’re looking for
  • Expressing your searches in keywords
To begin to address the challenges Google now has a "Show options" link above search results. The options include facets to filter by date and genre. There are also new visualization options that add images, timeline view, and the "Wonder Wheel".

Google is also stealing a page from Yahoo! SearchMonkey and introducing "Rich Snippets". It will now read structured data embedded in HTML in the form of RDFa and microformats (see format details on O'Reilly's coverage).
By incorporating standard annotations in your pages, you not only make your structured data available for Google's search results, but also for any service or tool that supports the same standard. As structured data becomes more widespread on the web, we expect to find many new applications for it, and we're excited about the possibilities.
That's quite exciting, because it finally provides incentives for webmasters to put machine readable structured and semantic annotations on their content!

There's also Google Squared, which extracts structured data from text on web pages, but I'll hold off on that potentially exciting product until it is up and I get a chance to use it.