Monday, April 27

CIKM 2008 Videos Finally Available

Sergio commented that the CIKM 2008 videos are now available.

It's about time; the submission deadline for CIKM 2009 is almost here.

It was a very good conference from what I hear and I look forward to watching the videos this summer (after the end of term).

IBM QA System to Compete on Jeopardy

The NYTimes published an article on the Watson project at IBM Research that is building a QA System to compete on Jeopardy.

David Ferrucci is managing the project and is collaborating with Eric Nyberg at the LTI. Both David and Eric worked on UIMA, a plug-in framework for language analysis components. I wonder if they are leveraging one of the CMU QA systems OpenEphyra or Javelin.

Perhaps coicidentally, there was also a recent QA paper from Noah Smith at CMU What is the Jeopardy Model? A Quasi-Synchronous Grammar for QA.