Friday, January 23

Craig defends his thesis on Expert Search, congratulations!

Craig announced on the Terrier blog that he successfully defended his thesis, Voting Model for People Search, which will be online shortly. Congratulations!! Rumor has it that he'll be sticking around at Glasgow to do a postdoc.

Thursday, January 22

JQuery 1.3 release

The popular Javascript framework, JQuery, released version 1.3.1 as a bug fix release for recent the major new release JQuery 1.3.

I've used JQuery for several AJAX applications love it. I can't wait to try out the new version.

MIT's organizes your 'Information Scraps'

Congratulations to David Karger's Haystack team including Michael Bernstein and Max Van Kleek at MIT for the recent release of is a simple light-weight tool for capturing 'information scraps'. It is a Firefox plug-in which provides a simple text box for entering short notes and sidebar to view, search, and organize the scraps. You can read the MIT press release.

The team also has a new paper on the system, Examining Personal Information Keeping in a Lightweight Note-Taking Tool, which was nominated for best technical paper at the upcoming CHI 2009 conference. You may also want to see the Haystack team's InfoScraps study that informed the system design.

If you are interested in design you should read the MIT UI Design Group blog, which includes posts from Michael and other contributors.

Tuesday, January 20

Welcoming the Change at the new

Change has certainly come, the White House has a blog.

A warm welcome to Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House. He is soliciting feedback on what things you would find valuable additions to

Truly a remarkable day in history.