Monday, November 2

New York Times Releases Subject Headings Data

Evan Sandhaus announced in a NYTimes Open blog post that they are opening up the NYT subject headings. Today they are announcing the release of the first batch of 5,000 headings.
Over the last several months we have manually mapped more than 5,000 person name subject headings onto Freebase and DBPedia. And today we are pleased to announce the launch of and the release of these 5,000 person name subject headings as Linked Open Data.
Over the next few months they plan to expand this to over 30,000 tags.

Also, check out the NYT Article Search API.

Browse the headings and get hacking!

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  1. What a bold way for the Times to approach the issue of maintaining their relevance in the face of print news' economic problems.
    Historical text data such as this presents novel opportunities for IR and cognate disciplines, I think: watching terms' usage change over time has semantic value. Incorporating these data into IR research and system design could really enrich our models.