Tuesday, August 25

Quick News: Google Traffic update, Yahoo! Search UI changes, and more

  • Google is using your Google Location with My Location enabled to monitor traffic data. It is now integrating this data into Google Maps. This means expanded coverage beyond main roads for traffic conditions.
    Imagine if you knew the exact traffic speed on every road in the city — every intersection, backstreet and freeway on-ramp — and how that would affect the way you drive, help the environment and impact the way our government makes road planning decisions...
  • Yahoo! is testing new search UI changes.

  • Matt Cutts has his WhiteHat SEO Tips for Bloggers. It's a useful presentation because Matt shares what Wordpress plugins he uses and what tweaks he makes to make his blog more search engine friendly.

  • In case you missed it, the MSN toolbar is now powered by Bing.

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