Tuesday, August 4

Quick Links of the day: Tuesday

  • Daniel has been consistently rolling out articles covering the SIGIR industry track. Here are a few highlights:
The slides from Nick Craswell's SIGIR Industry Day talk on Query Modeling at Bing are available.

Vanja Josifovski gave a talk on computational advertising, presenting "Ad Retrieval – A New Frontier of Information Retrieval". The comments in Daniel's Post are worth reading! It's clear that ad retrieval research is still controversial.

Evan Sandhaus's from the NY Times R&D Labs also presented and a lot of what he covered are available in previous slides. He highlighted the NY Times Annotated Corpus, which you should take a look at, "The New York Times Annotated Corpus is a collection of over 1.8 million articles annotated with rich metadata published by The New York Times between January 1, 1987 and July 19, 2007"

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