Monday, August 3

Quick Links For the Day

I'm catching up from being away last week on vacation. Here are my quick links to read up on more:

Are Academic Conferences Broken? and Why Go to Conferences?
Time for Computer Science to Grow up?
A lot of discussion about Computer Science conferences and the future.

On a somewhat related note: Daniel Lemire blogs about why he doesn't blog his ongoing research.

iPhone app development course at Stanford is available online. Google also announced App Inventor for teaching mobile app development. It's a drag and drop GUI for Android apps.

Future of search podcast, featuring the Anand Rajaraman, the founder of Kosmix.

BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos, the winning team on the Netflix prize, has a portal page for coverage of the news.

Evri announced a Javascript API.

Cloudera has an intensive app development tutorial for Hadoop.

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