Wednesday, August 5

News of the day: Eclipse AppEngine Plugin, New Chome Beta, Lucene Payloads, and MS-Y! SEC Filing

Google released a new Google Plugin for Eclipse 3.5. It provides support for building and deploying applications on App Engine in Eclipse.

Grant has a post introducing Lucene payloads. This is the primary way to get token/term level metadata into a lucene index. See also Michael Busch's slides from the SF Lucene/Solr meetup. If you are a Lucene power user, you should get into it.

SeLand has coverage of the SEC documents on the MS-Y! search deal that go into more details, if you care. One tidbit from the documents is how the merge will take place:
Microsoft will hire not less than 400 Yahoo! employees (the “Transferred Employees”) and will offer the Transferred Employees market competitive compensation packages. In addition, Yahoo! and Microsoft will mutually agree on a retention plan to be paid for by Microsoft to assist in retaining the Transferred Employees and an additional 150 Yahoo! employees to be mutually agreed upon between Microsoft and Yahoo! to assist with providing the transition services.
Google released a new Chrome beta for windows. I'm still waiting for the Linux version.

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