Tuesday, August 11

Hadoop Founder Doug Cutting Leaving Yahoo! for Cloudera

Doug Cutting, creator of the Hadoop project, is jumping ship at Yahoo! and joining Cloudera, a Hadoop centric startup offering enterprise support and services.

Doug has a post on his blog describing the move. According to the NY Times interview, the decision is unrelated to the Microsoft takeover of Y! search. Doug reports in the interview,
"This has been in the works for awhile and is unrelated," Mr. Cutting said. "I am definitely not leaving in any sort of protest, and the thing I like least about this move is that it might be perceived that way."
Congratulations to Doug on the new position and to Cloudera for the big win. Having project leaders outside Yahoo! is important for the ecosystem. As Doug works on projects for other clients, it will mean that the future of Hadoop will be driven by the needs of the greater community rather than the internal needs of Yahoo!.

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