Thursday, July 30

Microsoft Bing Page Hunt Game

At SIGIR Microsoft showed off their Page Hunt game. Page Hunt is in the same vein as GWAP by Luis Van Ahn. The game in short: Guess the query given a web page. If the page is returned in the top 5 results by Bing, you win and get points.

If you didn't play it at SIGIR, give it a try.

It's a cute game, but I'm not sure about its real utility or long-term re-playability.

Here's my quick tips:
Homepages - homepages are pretty easy, the title usually works.
Detailed pages - Pick what you think will be an infrequent phrase from the page and search for it with quotes. It almost always works. There's no incentive to issue shorter queries for higher points.

Post your top score in the comments.


  1. I hadn't played it yet, but you just convinced me not to. One of the nice things about the GWAPs--especially Phetch--is that they use image search coupled with the noisy indexing of the ESP game. Makes the game much more interesting and, in my view, more representative of the real challenges of supporting information seeking.

    Of course, I've blogged about this ad nauseum, e.g., Games With an HCIR Purpose.

  2. It does not seem to work on Firefox (it generates an error). It does work on Safari though.

  3. @Daniel: I'm not sure what you mean by noisy indexing, and why it makes ESP more interesting. I am curious to find out more.

    @Iadh: Which version of FF are you using? The game works fine for on on 3.5.1.

  4. @ Chandra. I did use Firefox 3.5.1. For a reason, the Page Hunt Game site generates a long error message, which prevents the game from kicking off.

  5. @Iadh: Hmmm. I'll take a look, thanks.

  6. @Chandra: what I mean is that the tags produced by images in the ESP game cannot be reversed engineered even by an oracle. They're inherently somewhat randomized. Quite different from the words used to index a document containing them.