Wednesday, June 10

Hadoop Summit: Cloudera on the Hadoop community

Christophe Bisciglia gave an overview of the growth in the community, downloads, etc... He outlined some of the work Cloudera is doing to make things easier for developers:

Sqoop a database import tool for hadoop, inspects tables and autogenerates code, extracts it into HDFS and imports it into Hive for analysis.

They also worked on Hadoop support with Amazon's Elastic Block Storage (EBS). See their blog post.

They are looking forward to Hadoop 0.20 and just announced Beta packages for release. They are also packaging Yahoo!'s raw release for Debian/Redhat.

Peter Skomoroch created a cool demo called "Trending topics" in 1 week. Wikipedia data is stored in EBS. myqsl data imported via sqoop into Hive for analysis/R&D

Cloudera is hosting Hadoop summit East in NYC on October 2nd. Submissions close on July 31st. Early registration is open.

Most of the Cloudera training is available online for free. Also be sure to check out Cloudera's blog.

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