Monday, June 1

Bing is the new Live Search

Bing launched early.

After a few experiments, I think the result quality is pretty good, better than it used to be. I still think Google has an edge on summary generation (snippets) and coverage (the estimated result counts in Bing are usually less than half the number of those in Google, which shows for rarer information).


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM EDT

    I think Bing has an edge on presentation and organization of results, not to mention a much better shopping, travel and video experience.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM EDT

    In a way, returning more relevant results with a smaller index makes you're more efficient. Does the average user really 'feel' the size of the index?

    Bing sure got the looks and some descent results. Right now, I think Bing makes google look old.

  3. I like the fact that it is fast, much faster than it used to be. I also like some of the ideas that went into the presentation. I think the results (especially for harder queries) are still not up to par with G, but my personal opinion is that it is not so much a function of coverage, more a function of ranking alg.

  4. Anonymous4:19 PM EDT

    Incorporating Farecast predictions into a major search engine was also a big plus for Bing. If you travel a lot (as I do), you'll love it.

    Just made Bing my default page.

  5. I wouldn't trust Google's reported number of results. The actual number of results I find when clicking through to the end is always smaller than advertised, often significantly.

    There's a similar problem with cellphone providers, who typically version the phones and thus may control the number of "bars" you see for a given signal strength. Apparently, there's been some competition in showing more bars, because people use it as a proxy for quality.