Wednesday, April 22

SIGIR 2009 accepted papers published

The list of accepted papers is now available.

Here are a few of the interesting-looking papers I look forward to reading soon:

  • Adaptation of Offline Vertical Selection Predictions in the Presence of User Feedback
  • Extracting Structured Information from User Queries with Semi-Supervised Conditional Random Fields
  • The Impact of Crawl Policy on Web Search Effectiveness
  • Web-Derived Resources for Web IR: From Conceptual Hierarchies to Attribute Hierarchies
The only paper affiliated with the lab is Matt's:
An Improved Markov Random Field Model for Supporting Verbose Queries


  1. Wow -- surprising that no CIIR papers got in this year. The only CMU papers accepted were based on work done while on internships.

  2. Ya, it was a bit surprising for us as well.

    That said, most of the lab is pretty early and still spend a significant amount of time on classes. We had a bunch of posters, but that's all.

  3. Please share your reviews / results with us!

    Charles Knight, editor