Monday, February 9

WSDM 2009 Workshop Day

Update: See also the ongoing coverage with the Jeff Dean Keynote coverage and best paper awards and other highlights.

Today is workshop day at Web Search and Data Mining 2009 in Barcelona. I'm not attending, but there are several attendees from the lab who I've recruited for coverage. WSDM is a young conference, but the quality of the papers is very high. It already rivals the other major conferences: SIGIR, CIKM, and WWW. WSDM has a good blend of academic and industry focused research. There are two workshops being held today:

ESAIR 2009 - The Second Workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval. The link above has a copy of the proceedings with all of the papers.

WSCD09 - Workshop on Web Search Click Data 2009
From our lab, Michael Bendersky will be presenting work analyzing long queries, Analysis of Long Queries in a Large Scale Search Log. Workshop participants were granted access to a sample of 15 million queries sampled from one month of Microsoft's search engine to analyze.

More to come...

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