Monday, February 16

TREC 2009 Participation Deadline Reminder

The deadline to register for participation is this Thursday, Feb 19th.

TREC 2009 will have seven tracks.
  • Blog Track
  • Legal Track
  • Million Query Track
  • Relevance Feedback Track
  • Web Track (exciting new corpus)
  • Chemical Track
  • Entity Track
See the CFP for the complete details on each of them.


  1. Jeff - - are you participating this year?

  2. I plan on participating. How about you?

    I definitely want to give the web track a shot if the new collection comes through. Any word on it? We have a nice cluster, The Swarm that I want to give a run using Galago.

    I'm also interested in the Blog and Entity tracks, but we'll see how it goes.

  3. the new collection is coming along, as far as I know. There's been a few bumps in the road, but Jamie is confident that it'll be done fairly soon.

    I'm going to participate. Jamie is running a TREC seminar this semester, which has been fun so far. lots of brainstorming & the class projects will essentially be TREC submissions. I'm interested in the relevance feedback track -- i think there's loads of opportunity there that hasn't been explored yet. I've also got some more ideas for the blog track.

    It might be fun to get a little UMass/CMU rivalry going. I was a bit uninspired by the conference last year. Be fun to make things a little more interesting :)

  4. by the way, your blog comment system is buggy. the captcha image only shows up about half the time.

  5. Is that a throw down? ;-)

    Blogger can be inconsistent at times. I plan on migrating to Wordpress when I get around to it.

  6. Consider it a throw down.

    Who else at UMass is planning on participating? I'm particularly interested in kicking some UMass a** in the relevance feedback track, since you guys seem to be the reigning champions from last year :)

  7. It's not entirely clear yet who will be participating. It depends on a variety of factors: internships, funding for research projects, job prospects, etc...

  8. i'm tentatively planning to do RF again, though it may not happen since i'll be busy writing up to finish this summer. it was good meeting Jon there and it sounded like he had some great ideas for a more creative approach than what folks did this past time around, so it will be fun to see what he does...

  9. Matt -- great meeting you, too, and I hope you have time to participate again this year. We just discussed your paper in class last week -- nice writeup & much more thorough than most of the notebook papers (mine included :))

    best of luck finishing up.