Monday, February 2

SIGIR 2009 Industry Day Details

Daniel wrote a post detailing the speakers for the upcoming SIGIR 2009 Industry Day he's organizing.

It's an impressive lineup including Matt Cutts from Google. Given Daniel's experience at Endeca, it should be no surprise that Enterprise Search is a main theme, with two panels. The first panel is of leading vendor technologists and the second is for industry analysts.

The great news is that the track is free for those attending the main SIGIR conference.

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  1. Thank you for spreading the word! I'm very excited about the event, and humbled by the lineup I've somehow managed to assemble.

    And it will be free for those attending the main conference, which I know will be a welcome change for those who could not afford some of the industry sessions at previous IR conferences. There will also be a one-day registration option aimed primarily at practitioners who aren't quite ready to commit to the whole conference.