Friday, February 6

I Want You To Want Me by Sep Kamvar

Danah Boyd pointed me to the work of Sep Kamvar. In honor of mid-February I'll highlight the project, I Want You To Want Me an interactive art/visualization project that analyzes the descriptions used in online dating listings. I think the project is still on display at MOMA, but I could be wrong.

There is an incredible video highlighting some example interactions.

Sep also has We Feel Fine, an exploration of human emotion in online blogs.

Amazing projects.


  1. Jeremy B7:43 PM EST

    Wow. That seems like a great idea, but the meaningful visualization really raises it to another level. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the link, Jeff. Fascinating.

  3. This is a beautiful piece. But, since it is also an attempt at information visualization, I have to ask: what does it teach us? Or is its aim solely aesthetic?