Wednesday, February 25

EntityCube and Opinion Organization at MSR TechFest

TechFest is a global gathering of Microsoft researchers from around the world to show off their projects and exchange ideas. The Live Search blog highlights some of the search projects. Some of the highlights include:

EntityCube is an entity search and summarization system that efficiently generates summaries of Web entities from billions of crawled Web pages. The summarized information is used to build an object-level search engine about people, locations, and organizations and explore their relationships.
It is used in Live Product search to extract names, descriptions, images, and prices. It is also used to create structure for the Libra academic search.

Opinion Search
Which collects and organizes review data around products and services. It's currently used to create the "opinion index" in Live product search.


  1. I really liked the Libra search interface, but it seems that it still has some coverage problems. E.g., WSDM conference was not covered.

  2. Is there any way to try the Entity Cube in English? All pages seem to link to here with only a Chinese version available:

  3. Not that I can find, I'm afraid. There is the related upcoming WWW 2009 paper, but that's about it.

  4. zoo.pig.zoo8:36 AM EST

    EntityCube has been released, have a try: