Friday, January 30

Facebook's Database of Sentiment Intent

You've probably heard John Battelle talk about the "database of intentions" captured in our search queries. Today, I ran across an interesting parallel with Facebook. Scoble interviewed Mark Zuckerber at Davos. Scoble reports,
Facebook is, he [Mark] told me studying “sentiment” behavior. It hasn’t yet used that research in its public service yet, but is looking to figure out if people are having a good day or bad day. He said that already his teams are able to sense when nasty news, like stock prices are headed down, is underway. He also told me that the sentiment engine notices a lot of “going out” kinds of messages on Friday afternoon and then notices a lot of “hungover” messages on Saturday morning. He’s not sure where that research will lead...
Facebook's social interaction data brings the 'database of intentions' to an entirely new depth of understanding: people's actions and feelings.

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  1. Anonymous6:49 PM EST

    I wonder if Twitter is also working on that direction. They have almost the same kind of information, although in a smaller scale, I suppose. Furthermore, if I'm not wrong, Summize, the company acquired by Twitter for its search engine, started working on opinion mining and sentiment analysis.