Saturday, October 18

Thanks Daniel: featured on 'blogs I read'

Daniel has started a new series covering blogs he reads. I'm honored to be the first blog featured.

I've been blogging about search since late 2005. Early on I focused on domain-specific search engines, like Globalspec. More recently, it's become more technical and research oriented. I look forward to using it to share not only research highlights, but practical guides and code for practitioners. This is one area where my previous job as a developer limited my ability to be open and participate in these types of discussions. Here a few highlights from the past few years.

The most popular posts:
  1. Open source Information Extraction and Text Mining tools
  2. Open source search libraries
  3. Vertical search definition and context
  4. Open source Collaborative Filtering and recommendation engines
    (and the more recent web-scale recommendation engines).
  5. How to quickly reset a Java array
Clearly people are looking for open source tools to solve their IR related problems. They are also looking for tutorials and help using them.

My favorite posts:
  1. The Google Strategic Server Force
  2. 11 Myths of Computer Science
  3. Integrating a database of everything with web search
  4. Faceted Search at Ebay: Ebay Express
  5. My posts about research challenges in search:
    World Changing Research Opportunities and
    IR research challenges for 2008 and beyond
Blogging has been quite rewarding, and I hope to continue it for a long time to come.