Thursday, August 21

Live Labs Launches Photosynth: Still Mind Blowing

Photosynth launched. I've been following Photosynth since the awesome demo at TED in March. Getting to play with it yourself is almost as incredible as watching it on the big screen. Incredible.

O'Reilly Radar has good coverage.

Don't forget to subscribe to the Photosynth Team Blog.

Wednesday, August 20

Light on posting.... in transition.

I haven't had time to post anything significant recently, I've been packing and wrapping up loose ends.

Me and my wife are moving to Northampton to begin the long road to a PhD in CS from UMass Amherst at the CIIR. Orientation starts Sept. 2nd; my last day at Globalspec is Friday.

Needless to say, things have been quite hectic. More to come once we get settled.

Tuesday, August 19

Unlock your intellectual potential: Break it down and get started!

A great post from Daniel Lemire on The secret to intellectual productivity.

It reminds of some of the best advice on writing a good essay: create a rough outline and then start writing! Plan that you will re-rewrite or revise most the first draft.

This same principle also translates quite successfully to software development. Break the project down into small, well-defined chunks with clear responsibilities and functions. Getting these pieces build creates code that kind-of, sort-of works. Then you can redesign and reshape, adding layers of functionality and flushing out details based on what you learned building the 'draft'. This follows the principle of "Plan to throw the first one away, you will anyhow" from Brook's Mythical Man Month. Just don't put too much effort into the first one. ;-).