Tuesday, August 5

Welcome to the Terrier Team

The Terrier guys at the University of Glasgow have a new blog, TerrierTeam.

Iadh's posted the team's research presented at SIGIR 2008.

Welcome to the blogosphere Iadh, Craig, and the rest of the Glasgow IR team. It's about time, considering you organize the TREC blog track! ;-)

Sunday, August 3

Learn how to concentrate

I want to learn How To Concentrate.

Later, the author writes:
Lackadaisical attention--slipshod thinking—diffused interest—scattering of mental forces, all these get us nowhere. The Jack-of-all-trades is a failure in the twentieth century. The big rewards of this age go to the man who can do one thing supremely well. That-means concentration.
I need to practice more:

Try to hold a chosen topic of thought for a fixed period of time. Do not be too ambitious... Try it on the following topics: "How I spent my last birthday." "My favorite book." "The best moving-picture I ever saw." "The most inspiring lecture I ever heard"... Be content with a minute, at the outset less, perhaps, if your pride permit.
Via Feld.