Thursday, March 13

Blown Away by Photosynth / Seadragon

Via Jeff Jonas.

This is one of the most impressive tech demos I have seen in recent history. It's worth watching the demo from TED conference.

Wow. I have tons of questions about the technology. I'm dying to get under the covers and understand how it automatically creates the links between the images and stitches together images that may not be geotagged.

Don't forget to take a look at Photosynth on Microsoft Live Labs.

Tuesday, March 11

Spock Entity Resolution Challenge Winners Announced

The official Spock announcement.

The winners are a six person research team at Germany's Bauhaus University Weimar.

It was mentioned on the Machine Learning blog. The team posted an outline of their method at the University site. Their solution was published in, Weighted Experts: A Solution for the Spock Data Mining Challenge.

See my past coverage when the contest was announced.

ECIR Industry Day Presentation: The Challenge of Engineering Vertical Search

Through a fortuitous set of events, and a generous employer, I'm very excited that I will be attending the upcoming ECIR conference in Glasgow.

I will be giving an Industry Day presentation on Globalspec and some of the research problems relating to vertical search.

The Challenge of Engineering Vertical Search

Topic-specific search engines leverage structure from deep domain knowledge to provide better ranking with more powerful search capability than a general search engine. However, our experience at Globalspec is that realizing this vision is quite difficult. In this talk I will use Globalspec's search systems as a model and outline some of the challenges that make topic-specific search hard. I will also talk briefly about our experiences using open source search technology. Finally, I will explore challenging problems for future research and opportunities for academic-industry collaboration in vertical search.

On Sunday before the conference I plan on attending the workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval. All the workshops look very interesting, I wish I could attend them all!