Monday, November 17

Symposium on Semantic Knowledge Discovery, Organization, and Use

Over the weekend NYU hosted an NSF sponsored symposium on semantic knowledge. To summarize the description, the conference tackles the issue of extraction of knowledge from large corpora using automatic or semi-automatic methods. It is a forum to discuss research and provide a high-level picture of the field.

Daniel attended the symposium and has notes from Day 1 and Day 2. His notes are a good start, but I'm really disappointed by the dirth of information available for those who could not attend. The IRF symposium provides a good model for how to do this; there was a live stream of the presentations and the videos and slides are available after the conference.

Beyond basics, in the future we should enable remote audience registration and participation. We should be able to watch presentations and have online discussion. After all, traveling to conferences is expensive and often infeasible.

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  1. I agree that, while the symposium was excellent for attendees, the distribution of presentation materials leaves a lot of room for improvement. We received hard copies of slides, but nothing is online. And the Google presenters didn't even send in slides for inclusion in the hard copies. Hopefully that was just an oversight. Still, it would be nice if all of the presenters published their material, even on their own personal web pages.