Thursday, November 6

Information Retrieval Facility Symposium 2008

The IR Facility works on patent search, bringing together IR researchers and professional patent examiners. The annual IR Facility Symposium 2008 is underway in Vienna. They are live streaming the event, if you want to watch presentations. Unfortunately, Thursday is over, but you can still catch tomorrow's presentations.

Here is a description from the programme,
The main themes of this year’s speeches are multilingual retrieval, annotation and ontology, retrieval in non-textual documents and the improvement of user interfaces. The latest scientific projects from the fields of semantic and linguistic retrieval, text mining, automated quality control and machine translation will be presented for the first time.
The CIIR here collaborates with the IRF. We have researchers there presenting work on using retrieval methods to detect errors in OCRed patent documents. I hope to have more details to follow.

The IRF also recently hosted the Patent Information Retrieval workshop at CIKM '08. The papers should be available through the ACM.

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