Thursday, November 6

CIKM 2008 coverage and best interdisciplinary paper award

Greg has some of the best reporting including:
Matthew Hurst has rough notes from Andrew Tomkin's keynote.

Xing Yi returned and told us that the best interdisciplinary award went to:
Structural Relevance: A Common Basis for the Evaluation of Structured Document Retrieval by Sadek Ali, Mariano Consens, Gabriella Kazai, Mounia Lalmas.

Other highlights from Xing include:
Both of these look really interesting to me, I'll try to write something up on them this weekend.

Does anyone know who won the best poster award? The website hasn't been updated and we have a few people at the lab who would be interested.

I am also looking forward to the video lectures being available online.

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  1. Anonymous10:14 AM EST

    Hi Jeff,

    "Trust; Authority and Popularity in Social Information Retrieval"
    by Gabriella Kazai & Natasa Milic-Frayling