Friday, October 24

Yahoo! Inquisitor update: new platforms and personalized results

Inquisitor is a browser plugin (originally for Safari) that provides search-as-you-type and suggested searches capabilities. Yahoo! just announced it is now available for Firefox and IE.
Building on the work by the Yahoo! Research team in the paper "Information Re-Retrieval: Repeat Queries in Yahoo! Logs," the algorithm that generates the personalized results has been enhanced to return more targeted results.
Inquisitor will also search the contents of your bookmarks to help you re-discover old content.

I've been trying it out and I really like it.

See ReadWriteWeb's coverage.


  1. It is a pity they didn't follow Chrome's lead and use the address bar. I'm at least finding personally that a second search box on the screen isn't much more convenient than just opening a search engine tab--which, after all, will be where the results appear.

  2. I was psyched about Inquisitor when it first came out, but it was way to slow for me to use on a regular basis. I could type a 2-3 word query in the search box before the interface caught up. Hopefully that's been ironed out

  3. Both good comments.

    The result speed seems to vary a lot depending on the query. I also changed my search provider to Google, so that may be affecting performance.

    Perhaps it has a search delay to avoid generating load on the search engine? We'd have to dig into the implementation details to really understand why it's slow sometimes.

  4. a delay in making a request to the search engine is fine. but, a delay in displaying the characters I just typed into the search box is borderline unacceptable.

    like I said, I have no idea if this is still the case.