Monday, October 6

Truvert: Green semantic search

Via Noisy Channel.

Truvert is a new semantic search engine built to demo Orcatec's semantic technology. They built a 'green search engine' using Yahoo! BOSS (see also my recent post on the BOSS-U workshop).

From their blog:
Truevert has solved the problem of semantic search by learning the meaning of words directly from the documents that it reads rather than by relying on a prebuilt taxonomy, ontology, dictionary, or thesaurus...
In conjunction with an excerpt from a more recent post:
Delivering focused search results depends on the ability to understand the meaning of words to a detailed level. This understanding will not come from syntactic analysis or from the construction of elaborate ontologies. It will come from using human-like processes on the documents themselves.
Interesting. I'd love to learn more about their semantic analysis technology.

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