Monday, October 20

TREC Blog Track approved for 2009

Congratulations to Iadh and team at Glasgow. Their proposal for the 2009 TREC blog track was approved.

It's exciting to see that in at least one task the relevance will include not only topical relevance, but also include the 'quality' of the content. This is one my major criticisms of the current Cranfield/TREC paradigm and most current academic experiments.

I find the blog track interesting, and not just because I have a blog. I'm interested in utilizing the highly temporal nature of blog posts to study the importance of temporal relevance. For example, to study the trade-off between authority and recency in ranking.

See also my previous discussion of the 2009 blog track.


  1. Many thanks Jeff.

    I think that we will be having an exciting new set of search tasks in the Blog track.

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