Wednesday, October 29

Google tests "Wiki of Search"

SE land has coverage of Google testing more integration of user feedback into search results,
Google Rolling out "SearchWiki". Calling this a "Search Wiki" is exaggerating since users can't enter notes. It points to Google trying to leverage their large audience more effectively using explicit user feedback.

It's a step in in the direction Eric Schmidt outlined back in the 2006 analyst day presentation. From the notes on Slide 8:
  • Encourage our large user base to actively contribute metadata that leads to better search results
  • Wiki of search: empower users/experts to improve search results in their domains of expertise — create a million verticals
  • Effectively integrate user feedback (ratings, comments, tags) into search
It's exciting to see some innovation in this area. It's a logical next step for Google to collect explicit feedback from users on the quality of results. For example, not that I dislike my blog ranking highly, but a search for [Kleinberg memetracker] could be improved by moving higher.

In somewhat related news, Microsoft recently showed a research prototype U Rank, see their blog, that leverages your social network and let's you organize and edit search results and share them with others. This is closer to a "wiki of search", but in the limited context of a social network.


  1. It seems that this experiment being tested by Google allows personal notes. Check this video:

  2. I stand corrected, you can store notes on results.

    Can you share them? I don't see that ability. You also can't 'craft' results like Mahalo does.

  3. This is clearly a "work in progress" from Google. I find the idea of "user oriented personalization" and "users taking control of their personalization" very interesting.